Having background checks done and a lengthy policy in place that says what can and can not be done may seem like a hassle and an over reaction.  But, the risk management programs already in place for the District and at nearly all of our clubs have proven beneficial in screening out potentially undesirable individuals from participating in Rotary sponsored functions. 

The current version of the District policy can be downloaded from this page as well as forms for the Club Training Roster, Club Certification Application, Volunteer Affidavit and to request a background check.  Clubs are responsible for the cost of this service for their club members and will be billed by the District.  District officers who require background checks will have the cost covered by the district, not their home club. 

There are two versions of the Power Point training program available for your use. Please download and have your club risk management chair (or other qualified person) present the information. 

For additional information or for answers to questions on the policy, please contact our District Rick Management chair, Michael Mayott.  His contact information can be found by clicking on Contact Us in the menu bar of the home page and then selecting District.