Rotary International requires Rotarians and Rotary Volunteers over the age of 18 to have a background screening once every three years in order to work one-on-one with protected people.  Protected people include anyone under the age of 18, the disabled, mentally, physically or infirmed by old age.

Additionally, The United States Department of State requires anyone working with Youth Exchange to have an annual background screening.  

Lastly, some clubs require all potential members and/or all current members to have a background screening.  This procedure is fine as long as it applies to everyone.

To obtain a background screening simply send an email to with the persons proper name (William Smith, not Bill Smith) and their email address.  The vendor will send an email link to the person where they will enter their vital information securely.  Once the background is completed the District Risk Manager will send a report to the requesting club or Youth Exchange.


There are two versions of the Power Point training program available for your use. Please download and have your club risk management chair (or other qualified person) present the information. 

For additional information or for answers to questions on the policy, please contact our District Rick Management chair, Michael Mayott at or calling him at 406-318-7686.