Todd Wojhtanowicz from Bozeman, the only recipient of the District Scholarship . .
is doing very well in medical school.  The $6000 scholarship granted to Todd has helped him cover some of the many expenses.  In a July letter to the district, Todd reports:
"My second year was a whirlwind of excitement and the time seems to have flown by.  I've continued my research in the Department of Radiology.  As president of the Internal Medicine Society, I have worked with a variety of enthusiastic physicians who are eager to engage with interested medical students.  Finally, I continue to excel in the classroom and am confident that this will typify my performance for the duration of my time at Fienberg. 
     My research in Department of Radiology under the advisement of Dr. Ann Ragin has been an unexpectedly exhilarating experience.  I settled on analyzing levels of chronic immune activation in patients with early HIV infection, comparing those who had initiated anit-retroviral treatment within a year to those who had deferred treatment for more than a year.  The preliminary results are very promising and a plethora of statistically significant differences in immune activation markers have been identified.
     It has been a thrilling two years here at Feinberg.  It is a true pleasure to be able to thank you all for your generosity and faith in my dedication to becoming an excellent physician.  I promise to match and exceed your expectations.  Thank you once again.